"Any wall graced with art has been enhanced, and the lives of dwellers, enriched."

Joanne Cali

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Gouache means “water paint” or “splash” in Italian and is a method of painting using opaque pigments which have been ground in water and mixed with a glue-like substance like Gum Arabic. It is ideal for capturing light effects. It has been used since ancient Egyptian times and is still used by artists and designers in the film industry. 

Gouache is also used to refer to a paint made using opaque pigments, water and Gum Arabic, or a similar substance.

I think the results are stunning.


Acrylics are an interesting medium to work with. When wet they are water soluble, so the paint can be thinned to resemble a water color, or left thick to resemble oil paints. 

The advantage to working with acrylics is that they dry much faster than oil, which can literally take years to fully set.

Water based acrylic paint is a relatively new medium since it was only developed in the 1950’s.


Photography literally means “drawing with light”. It’s name was given by French painter and inventor Hercules Florence in 1834 when trying to describe his technique.

But it was Nicephore Niepce, also from France, who developed heliography, a technique used to produce the world’s first known photograph in 1825.

Unlike any other technique, modern photography allows you to capture a moment of time in an instant and share it with the world in a matter of seconds.