"Any wall graced with art has been enhanced, and the lives of dwellers, enriched."

Joanne Cali

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About the Artist

I grew up surrounded by art in my parentsʼ house: their paintings, grand piano, classical music, as well as ballet and theater performances we attended. Over eight years of piano and ballet instruction and several summers at the National Music Camp in Interlochen, Michigan, gave me an appreciation of the arts, as well as the difficulty of mastering them.

I was given oil paints as a child, and tried my hand, finding it very difficult. Switching to chalk pastels, I was able to produce abstract paintings I and others enjoyed, as a pastime. 

After high school in Maplewood, New Jersey, I attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, as a humanities major. I managed to avail myself of their excellent Fine Arts College by taking one elective art course. But my various jobs, such legal secretarial work and remedial teaching, were not art-related.

In 2001 I started drawing with colored pencils. Then, after being given a painting for Christmas 2002, I became inspired to learn how to create the beautiful intricacy of watercolor. I took one evening class from the artist of that painting, but mostly struggled with lots of practice and work, achieving a fair degree of sucess. One early watercolor was closely considered for First Place in an art show in Magdalena, NM.

Of course the richness and body of oil paintings is hard to match, and has always enthralled me. So I switched to acrylics which emulate oil paint without the odor and toxins. 

Iʼve been influenced by all styles of art, classical and modern. But one of my favorite artists is New Mexican artist Tracy Turner, whose work is magical and vividly colorful.

After living in the East, I find Californiaʼs warm dry climate, hills with rich foliage, and Spanish architecture inspires more paintings.

I find it uplifting to capture my visions on canvas. We all see things differently when viewing a scene, and my paintings attempt to share the joy I take in my viewpoint. Though walls in our houses protect us from the elements, they can be dull barriers to the outside world. Walls with enlightening windows or hung with paintings are less oppressive or limiting. To me, windows are charming frames to expanded horizons, and I often paint them. Any wall graced with art has been enhanced, and the lives of dwellers, enriched.